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Industry Wellbeing Hub

ARV’s Wellbeing Hub provides practical strategies for how to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and organisations within the aquatics and recreation industry.

Whilst the Wellbeing Hub is being managed by ARV, we invite members to submit topic requests or other information that might be useful resources to share with the wider ARV community.

Part 1: How to Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

 What is a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

 The Benefits of Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

 The Legal Duty to Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

 The Proposed OHS (Psychological Health) Amendment Regulations

 The Importance of Psychological Safety at Work

 Steps to Create a Mentally Healthy WorkplaceMinimise Work-Related Risks to Mental HealthPromote HealthSupport Staff

 Resources for Small Businesses

 Get Support to Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Part 2: Enhance Your Own Wellbeing

 What is Mental Health?

 Strategies to Build Mental Fitness

 The Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

 Improve Your Wellbeing: Five Ways to Wellbeing

 Tips for Managing Christmas Stress

 Learn How to Make New Year's Resolutions that Stick!

Get Support:

 Partners in Wellbeing

 Mental Health Support

 Flood Support

 Financial Support

 COVID-19 Mental Health Support

LGBTIQ+ Support Services

 Family Violence Support Services

 Other Support Services

Part 3: Support Staff and Colleagues

 Signs Someone May be Struggling With Their Mental Health

 How to Start a Conversation About Mental Health

 Managing Employees with a Mental Health Condition

 Neurodiversity in the Workplace

 How to Support Young Workers Mental Health at Work

 Where to Refer Someone for Mental Health Support

 Tools for Employees and Managers to Help Return to the Office

The Mental Health eLearning Program (MHeLP)

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