Industry Services





Aquatics & Recreation Victoria (ARV) is the peak body for aquatic and recreation in the state, and as such, is keen to lead the way through the provision of strategic services, the delivery of industry seminars and development of innovative projects and programs.  As our tag line suggests, ARV is "working togther for a better industry".
ARV operates two 'Standing Committees', which provide opportunities for you to meet other people with a common interest and be involved in discussions on current issues affecting or that have the potential to affect facilities and the wider aquatic and recreation industry. Standing Committees also allow you to be involved in the development of recommendations to improve industry standards and the management of the industry as a whole.  For more information, visit our Standing Committees page.
ARV provides high level strategic advice to Councils, State Government, schools and industry bodies on current industry matters so that informed decisions can be undertaken.  See how ARV can assist in successfully implementing your aquatic and recreation objectives.
Industry Seminars
Circumstances often arise that significantly affect the aquatic and recreation industry, such as managing extreme heat conditions or the changing HR landscape.  ARV is in the process of developing a series of management breakfast and executive lunch seminars that aim to assist the industry in understanding and dealing with topical issues.
Special Projects
ARV is involved in delivering special projects for the industry that have been funded through government or government agency grants.  For further details go to our Special Projects area.