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Next Wave program is now over. Thanks for your interest. 


Information for Jobseekers

Aquatics and Recreation Victoria (ARV) received funding from the Victorian Government through Jobs Victoria to create 270 jobs with the Victorian Aquatics and Recreation Industry by December 2023.

The Next Wave program provided funding to employers to train, support, employ and retain job seekers.

Supporting Jobseekers

We partnered with two key employment services providers to ensure Next Wave candidates were supported and prepared for their new Aquatics and Recreation careers.

WCIG and Qualify provided job seekers with support and job-readiness training.




Metropolitan Melbourne

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Regional Victoria


The priority jobseekers we looked to support were:

  • Women over 45
  • Young people aged 18--25
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians
  • Victorians living with disability
  • People who are long-term unemployed
  • People seeking asylum and refugees
  • Newly arrived migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Veterans
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are experiencing barriers to employment
  • Public and social housing tenants
  • Jobseekers registered with a Jobs Victoria Partner.


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