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The Victorian Aquatic Industry has developed Diversity and Inclusion in Leisure Forum in response to the need of continual advancement and progression of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Aquatics and Recreation. 

Collaborators from the following organisations have come together to develop the Forum:

  • Aquatics and Recreation Victoria
  • AusActive
  • Aligned Leisure
  • Bluefit
  • Belgravia Foundation
  • YMCA Victoria 
  • Disability Sport and Recreation

Event Wrap-up
The 2024 Victorian Aquatics and Recreation Industry 'Diversity and Inclusion in Leisure Forum' was held on Thursday 8th February at Zinc, Federation Square.
Over 210 industry members joined together to discuss how and ways the Aquatics and Recreation Industry welcomes, supports and includes everyone into everything leisure can offer. 
The forum delivered:

  • 13 short TedX-style presentations aimed at sharing evidence-based practices which have been developed and implemented across the Aquatics and Recreation Industry to advance Diversity and Inclusion.
  • 2 panels discussing Employment impacts and outcomes, and social value impact and outcomes

This year’s presentations covered topics across the following themes:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Community Engagement
  • Technology
  • Disability
  • Homelessness
  • Young People and Early Intervention Programs
  • Mental Health
  • Local Partnerships
  • Indigenous Communities

Preliminary analysis of the forum feedback and evaluation indicates an overall positive impact. Delegates enjoyed the short presentation format, the diverse array of topics covered, networking opportunities and took away ideas, new motivations and drivers for change in their organisations.
ARV extends our thanks to the five collaborating organisations on the coordinating committee. It was a delight to be involved in bringing this integral event to life. We thank:

  • Liz Tesone – CEO, Disability Sport and Recreation & event MC
  • Chris Alexander – AUSactive
  • Leonie Shaw – Blueft
  • Dr Jeff Walkley – Belgravia Foundation and Belgravia Leisure
  • Michael Lacy – Aligned Leisure

We thank the coordinating committee individual members, and extend this to their teams and organisations for supporting their participation in this committee.
The forum was also generously supported by Para Mobility.
We also thank Bruce Laverty, Bubble Pics, our photographer for the day.


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