Victorian AquaEd Kit for Primary Schools
A classroom based Victorian AquatEd Kit designed to support the Victorian Premiers Water Safety Certificate theory component is now available from the Victorian Government's Department of Education and Early Childhood Development FUSE website. It contains classroom based water safety lesson plans and activities that are linked to Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards). The lessons are designed to be delivered as a package or as individual lessons.
The AquaEd Kit for Primary Schools has been developed in response to the high number of drowning deaths experienced in Victorian waterways. It is a flexible education package that encourages the establishment of water safety education within the curriculum.
The AquaEd Kit for Primary Schools offers teachers an opportunity to identify lessons which best suit their overall teaching plan and style. It enables them to fulfil a range of learning outcomes using a thematic approach that is recognised as good teaching practice.
Classroom based water safety provides foundation knowledge about the hazards associated with aquatic environments as well as learning appropriate behaviour. It is important that primary school water safety education is viewed as a foundation or introduction to practical swimming and water safety programs, and not as a replacement.

How to Use the AquaEd Kit for Primary Schools 
Developed by a project team consisting of represenatives from Aquatics & Recreation Victoria, Life Saving Victoria and Victoria University, the AquaEd Kit for Primary Schools, provides water safety activities for students that can be incorporated into the curriculum. The activities relate to four key water safety venues:
  • Water Safety Around the Home
  • Water Safety in Aquatic and Recreation Environments
  • Water Safety in and Around Beach and Surf
  • Water Safety in and Around Inland Waterways
The knowledge gained in these four areas underpins the classroom / theory component of the Victorian Premier’s Water Safety Certificate and has been mapped against the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.
The first section of the kit provides a reference table mapping the activities with relevant learning outcomes from the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.