Play it Safe by the Water
The Play it Safe by the Water campaign (PISBTW) commenced in 1998. The annual
campaign is supported by the Victorian Government and has linked a number of
aquatic-related industries with a common objective of reducing the number of
drownings in Victoria and increasing the awareness among the Victoria community
about water safety.
The main feature of campaign is Water Safety Week, focusing around a media
campaign to complement awareness and education activities, which encourage
lifesaving clubs and aquatic facilities to get involved and promote the importance of
water safety prior to the peak summer season.

Water Safety Website is brought to you by the Victorian Government's
'Play it Safe by the Water ' campaign, which is actively working towards increasing community awareness of water safety.  It contains water safety information to assist you be safe at the beach, at the river, by the pool and while boating and fishing. 
It allows you to play your part in ensuring that no matter where or when you are in and around the water there is someone looking out for you.

The ‘Play it Safe by the Water’ campaign, a Victorian Government initiative,
aims to increase community awareness of water safety and change
Victorian’s behaviour in and around water, by encouraging people to enjoy our
beaches, rivers, lakes, bays and pools in the safest possible manner.