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ARV Annual Reports and Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

In 2021 following significant industry research and engagement the ARV board approved a redeveloped ARV strategic plan 2021-2024. The strategic plan outlines the goals ARV aims to achieve and outlines a plan to
achieve them.
Specifically, it outlines ARV’s vision, and mission, outcomes we aim to achieve within the industry and Victorian community as well as the values that inform our work and describes the six key areas of focus for the organization and key objectives to drive ARV’s activities and investment in the Victorian Aquatics and recreation industry. This update and ongoing monitoring mechanisms will ensure that ARV activities reflect current community and Industry attitudes and expectations relating to participation in the Victorian Aquatics and recreation industry.
New areas of focus include a focus on increasing equity, inclusion and diversity within our industry and community sustainability.
ARV will continue to work with and partner with members, sponsors and key industry stakeholders to leverage the strengths of our partners to achieve our shared goals and enable collective impact.

ARV Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Annual Report

2022 - 23 Aquatics and Recreation Victoria Annual Report is now available for download.

ARV Annual Report 2022 - 23

Cover if Annual Report 2022 - 23 - white text on blue, teal and green gradient background.

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