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Next Wave Case Study: Ali

Published Tue 26 Sep 2023

Next Wave Case Study: Ali


Meet Ali, a culturally and linguistically diverse swim teacher from Ballarat Aquatic and Lifestyle Centre (BALC).

Next Wave, supported by Jobs Victoria, has supported Ali to launch his aquatic career in regional Victoria. In Iran, Ali was a Swim Coach and Lifeguard – an experienced and passionate candidate that makes for a great fit for the Next Wave program.

Chris Reid, Employment Consultant from Qualify Employment & Training, implemented pre-employment support to enhance Ali’s chances of success. During their sessions, they worked on interview tools and techniques. Chris recognized the language barrier as a potential challenge and leveraged the strong relationship between Next Wave and Ballarat Lifestyle and Aquatic Centre (BALC) to ensure an inclusive interview process was in place for Ali.

Thanks to Ali's determination and the support provided, he secured a position at BALC. BALC manager Gerald Dixon has identified Ali as a great asset to the Learn to Swim program at BALC.

His exceptional performance in the role has earned him recognition, and he is now being featured in their diversity showcase, celebrating his achievements and contributions.

This case study highlights the significance of offering tailored assistance and addressing language barriers to empower culturally and linguistically diverse candidates. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and advocating for inclusive practices, we create opportunities for success and celebrate the diverse talents and contributions of individuals like Ali in the workplace.

This also highlights how the broadening of opportunities offered to Victorians from all backgrounds supports facilities to have diverse and inclusive workforces, reflective of their communities.

Next Wave funding will also be providing Ali with further training, to become endorsed as an Access and Inclusion teacher in the coming months.

Next Wave has supported a pathway for facilities like BALC to employ people from more cohorts of the community that they hadn’t previously engaged. The additional support that Qualify provided to the participants and BALC was instrumental in ensuring these members of underrepresented Victorians are able to gain meaningful employment and contribute to a diverse and thriving workforce.

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